A Letter from RIBA to the Public



We would like to thank our partners, stakeholders, the public and our colleagues in the industry for their trust and assistance in 2020: we are very grateful and humble to all for the support in our first year of formal working in China.



At the end of 2020 and with 2021 just around the corner, the RIBA London and the RIBA China team would like to extend our sincere thanks and best wishes to you.


非常期待即将到来的2021年,我们将持续而有效的拓展我们的工作。与此同时,我们很高兴的再次向您介绍,RIBA于2020年1月在中国注册了外商独资公司(WFOE)-锐建协商务信息咨询(上海)有限公司。其法定代表人是RIBA国际总监Azlina Binti Kamarulzaman女士,其指定的中国代表人是RIBA中国区发展首席吕慢女士。

We are very much looking forward to 2021 where we extend our work further. At this juncture, we are pleased to re-introduce to you that RIBA has registered a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China which was set up in January 2020 - RIBA Business Information Consulting (Shanghai) Company Limited. Its legal representative is Ms. Azlina Binti Kamarulzaman, RIBA Director of International, and its designated representative in China is Ms. Umi Lyu, RIBA Head of Development, China.


RIBA在中国的所有交流工作、合作事宜,将全权由RIBA伦敦总部统筹管理和指导,由WFOE的法定代表人Azlina Binti Kamarulzaman女士代表RIBA总部及WFOE统一决策,由中国区域代表人吕慢女士代表RIBA出席、沟通及发言。 除此以外,再无其他决策机构及代表人,其他任何机构及自然人都将无权进行任何形式的商务探讨及任何形式的文件签署。望社会及业界悉知。希望这一明确性的声明,将使我们在2021年继续取得优异的进展,我们非常期待为中国社会做出贡献、与业界竭诚合作。

All RIBA exchange and cooperation activities in China is managed and directed by RIBA HQ(London), with Ms. Azlina Binti Kamarulzaman, the legal representative of WFOE, representing RIBA and the WFOE, and Ms. Umi Lyu, the Chinese representative, attending, communicating and speaking on behalf of RIBA in China. Other than this, there is no other decision-making body or representative, and no other organization or natural person has the right to conduct any kind of business discussion or sign any kind of document. We hope this clarity will enable us to continue our excellent progress in 2021 and we very look forward to serving and working with the community and the industry in China.



Thank you and best wishes.



RIBA legal contact information:


RIBAInternational@riba.org (English)

Azlina.bulmer@riba.org (English)

Umi.lyu@riba.org (English&Mandarin)



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